Monday, August 21, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Sorry for any delays for those living vicariously, but we made it home last Thursday afternoon!! We were greeted by the honking horn of my parents, brother, and Stacie coming down route 4 in Farmington with homemade signs reading "coast to coast: congratulations!" It is great to be home.

From our last post, we continued our way across northern PA passing by the beautiful Susquehanna River. Here, it got very hilly. The river was zigging, but the road wasn't zagging, and we climbed the steep river banks of the Susquehanna at least 4 times (see picture below to see the altitude we gained). We piled on back-to-back 130 mile days just to be sure that our last two rides would be short and sweet.

Our penultimate ride finally got us into New York where we climbed up and over the beautiful Southern Catskill Mountains (see Jeremiah's glowing face below). We stopped in New Paltz (where Sue Ristau was a proud student at SUNY back in her wild, and crazy college days) for lunch and then it was just a short jaunt to Poughkeepsie where we stayed our last night in a hotel for what I hope is a long long time!

Then, on Thursday, we started our ride home. Unfortunately, we slightly underestimated the mountains in Western CT. They are formidable bike climbs. Though shorter (only a mile or two), they certainly get an award for being steep. Below, I celebrate our passage into the homeland. I never thought I'd be so glad to see a welcome to Connecticut sign...

In Goshen, we met up with Jeremiah's aunt who generously fed us before the last leg of our journey. From Goshen, the hills of Western CT became a bit more tame and we coasted into Farmington (and actually on to Hartford) to get home.


When: Saturday 9/2

What: Ben and Jeremiah will ride from Farmington, CT to Milford, CT to dip our wheels in the Atlantic

Ride Details: We wil be leaving the UConn Health Center in Farmington at 8AM and heading down to Milford. Jeremiah will be posting directions shortly.

Celebration Details: 12PM - 5PM at Archie Moore's in Milford...$20 at the door all goes to Lea's Foundation. Drink Specials and Appetizer buffet included.

Tell all your friends and families. Anyone who would like to ride with us is welcome! If you don't feel up to riding, come help us celebrate down in Milford! We'll be riding into the sunset...


Anonymous Gerry said...

Ben and Jeremiah

Welcome back, and on behalf of all of us who have followed your extraordinary journey:

Thank you.

6:21 AM


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