Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Over and Out

In the last week we have biked most of the way across Colorado. Below, Ben and I celebrate crossing the Continental Divide with a cup of bad coffee on top of Monarch Pass. This is the highest elevation we'll reach on our trip and the start of a BIG downhill (see the second picture below).

I Snap a Picture On-the-Go as we Descend the Rockies

We added on some mileage for a few days and managed to get to our rest day in Pueblo, Colorado a day early. In Pueblo we hung out with Ben's dad, Steve.

The Proud Pop and his Boy

Steve drove us up to Colorado Springs on the rest day. We ate lots of good food and drove to the top of Pike's Peak: a 14,000+ foot mountain. It felt good to take a ride up a mountain instead of pedaling for once. At the top we talked to some very cool people: Carol, from Denver, and Stan, from Ohio.

After our trip to Pike's Peak, Ben's brother, Aris, met us in Colorado Springs for a Ristau family Reunion. Below, we enjoy some drinks and a refined yet casual atmosphere at the Broadmoor. Later, The Ristau Boys and I had a night on the town in Colorado Springs .

The next day was back on the bike. We laid down a huge 120 mile day - with the wind in our faces yet again. Everything I've heard is that the winds blow from the West across the plains. I guess the wind hasn't heard that.

The View in Eastern Colorado (or, What We'll Be Seeing for the Next Week and a Half)

In Eads we had a room donated for the night by the friendly people of the Econolodge - Eads, CO. While doing our blogging in the Econolodge lobby the gentleman below, J.J. Williams, asked us what we were doing. He raises quarter horses in Texas and travels all around the West with his combines during harvest season. He had some very cool stories.
Today we have another big day: 105 mi to Scott City, KS (or 130 mi to Dighton, KS if we are feeling bold). It is threatening to rain right now so its definitely time to get rolling.

Until Next Time,
Here's to New States and New Time Zones!

-Ben and Jeremiah


Anonymous Ellen said...

Welcome back! Hadn't realized just how much I was living vicariously through you guys until there were no updates for a week.Pictures of Mesa Verde are amazing.Keep pedaling!

9:26 AM


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