Saturday, July 29, 2006

Little House on the Prairie

No this isn't the uplifting story of a plucky young girl and her family making their living on the unforgiving Great Plains of turn of the century America. This is a different "Little House on the Prairie."

Ours version doesn't have much of a plot. It goes like this...

Two mid-twenties guys wake up, then ride bikes for 8 hours in the middle of a heat wave; they sweat profusely, eat lots of trail mix, and drink lots of gatorade. After that they sleep. Repeat. Since we left the scenery of the Rockies, we have been all about putting miles behind us. We are working on getting another day ahead of schedule and plan to be in Golden City, MO on Monday night (this will put us 2 days ahead on the itinerary posted previously.)

The riding has been pretty fun, although the days are long. We've averaged better than 110 miles per day over the last 4 days. It actually feels kind of good to cover so much distance after all of our 70 mile days through the mountains.

Jeremiah Sweats, Eats Trail-Mix, and Drinks Gatorade (Sheridan Lake, KS)

Ben Celebrates Our Passage Into the Central Standard Time Zone (We are now only 1 hour away from everyone on the East Coast! kind of...)

I don't know who called the Dairy Queen in Scott City, KS and told them to put this sign up but I appreciate it.

Oddly enough there are Camels in Kansas. I don't really have an explanation for this picture. It just feels right to close this Blog entry with Camels.


Jeremiah and Ben


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