Friday, June 30, 2006

Of Walnut Trees and Strawberries...

Hello all!!!

Jeremiah and I arrived in San Fransisco Wednesday evening. Of course, this wouldn't be a true adventure unless it began with one from the get-go. We were standing by the baggage claim to collect our stuff. Our bikes, Jeremiah's bags, and one of my bags made it. But my rear panniers were nowhere to be seen! It turns out that going across the country wasn't enough traveling for them, so they decided to make a trip up to Seattle before the journey even began. No worries though, we picked them up the following day and everything was accounted for.

Yesterday, Mick, the guy we stayed with in San Fran, showed us around the city (see above). It was great to have an insiders point of view into the city. Many thanks to Mick for showing us a great time in San Fran and for being a great host. In the afternoon, we went down to Long Beach to dip our wheels in the Pacific to begin our trip. We also has our first experience with some podium girls just like at the Tour de France.

This morning, we woke up early (5:30AM) to ride down to the ferry which we took across the San Fran Bay to Vallejo. Once there, we began the trek out to Davis, CA where we are now. We stopped for lunch in Vacaville (literally cow town) and had great sandwiches at a deli. Walnut trees, which we originally though were Kiwi trees, lined the streets for miles and we stopped at a roadside stand for some out-of-this-world strawberries. We arrived in Davis at 4PM to stay with Mike and Maggie Wilkes (Mike is a former UConn Med Grad, holla!), two folks that Jeremiah knows. They have been great, allowing us to take a dip in their pool and essentially eat them out of house and home! Thanks guys!! The total mileage for the day was 79 miles.

Tomorrow we head out to Somerset, CA and then on to Kirkwood, CA on Sunday. Kirkwood is going to be a tough day because it's all uphill (the Sierras). So on your "day of rest," channel some energy our way.

That is all for now...thanks for keeping up. We'll try to update as much as we can!

All the best,
Ben and Jeremiah

Monday, June 05, 2006

"You might be asking yourself, where did that golf ball go? Gillette Ridge was definitely a challenging course, but in the end, it was all for a great cause. Thanks to everyone who came out to support Lea's Foundation in this great event. Special thanks to the 50/50 raffle winner who generously donated his winnings back to Coast to Coast for a Cure. Not too far now until the riding begins..."

-Jeremiah and Ben